The Issues:

"Our Republican team is committed to improving the quality of life in Essex by supporting property values, improving management of town resources, and supporting our emergency response services. We're renewing the spirit of community in Essex!"
Better Management of  our Town's Resources
Supporting Education

We are committed to supporting a vibrant school community within the Essex Elementary and Region 4 schools and continuing the high-quality education they provide our students.

Our team has the skill and experience to set realistic budgets in light of the long term decline in school enrollment so that our students get most educational value for our residents' tax dollars.​

Supporting Property Values

We know that our residents' homes and businesses represent the hard work and savings of a lifetime. Our team is committed to supporting property values in Essex through:

 - Lower taxes.

 - Improving the condition of all neighborhoods.

 - Maintaining town property.

 - Supporting community spirit.

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Essex Elementary School Enrollment 

From 2018 EES budget